An Anthony Sherin Film

An Anthony Sherin Film

Imagine you can't read this.

Imagine the only way you can tell if a book is right side up is by looking at the pictures. Imagine believing it is all your fault and you are afraid to tell anyone. You become a troublemaker. You are expelled over and over. You reach fifth grade but you have yet to read a two syllable word. You can’t spell your name. You are unteachable.

Now imagine a teacher who changes everything.

In the buildings of an abandoned military base near his home on Cape Cod, Daniel enters Mrs. Gott’s fifth-grade classroom. She is the nicest and most gentle person he has ever met. He is allowed to work at his own pace. Daniel’s shame and anxiety slowly diminish and he begins to learn. And learns he is good at it. We begin to see that Daniel’s struggle is not his fault.

Unteachable is about the moment Daniel’s life changes.

Now, forty years after entering Mrs. Gott’s classroom, Daniel is a distinguished educator. He graduated from high school as class President, received his master's degree in education from Harvard University, and earned his Ph.D.  in education from UCLA. He had never told anyone how significant his dyslexia was until now, in this film.

Unteachable is an 11-minute film told with 4K video, super 8mm, and photographs.

For more information about Unteachable, contact Anthony Sherin at ajsherin@gmail.com.

Mrs. Gott's Fifth-Grade Class

Daniel stands to Mrs. Gott's right in their classroom at the Marconi School on Cape Cod, 1972.

Mrs. Gott

Outside of the Marconi School, circa 1975.

Filming Unteachable at Marconi Beach

Left to right: Nils Kenaston, Anthony Sherin, and Daniel Franklin.


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